Gamestop CEO on PlayStation VR: “We will Bring the Sony Product This Fall”

    Excitement is building in the virtual reality (VR) space as PC-based head-mounted display (HMD) manufacturers Oculus VR and HTC prepare to launch their consumer headsets to the public. Oculus Rift’s will begin shipping on 28th March to those that have pre-ordered, while HTC Vive pre-orders are due to open on 29th February. The only other major player is Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) with its PlayStation VR HMD, but as of yet the company hasn’t announced an official release date.

    There has been lots of rumours flying around about when this might happen, but Gamestop CEO Paul Raines has let slip the most convincing details so far. In a televised interview with FOX Business News’ Mornings with Maria about the current American tax season, Raines mentions VR, talking about the expected boost for business. Whilst talking about the industry he says: “We are right now preparing for the launches of the major VR products, so we’re in discussions with Oculus, with HTC Vive and with Sony.” He then goes on to add: “Its a big launch (for VR), we’re getting ready for it, we will launch the Sony product this fall, and we are in discussions with the other two players.”

    While not an official announcement from SIE, Raines clearly indicates Gamestop has been talking to SIE about launch plans, and being one of the largest videogame retailers in the world Gamestop will have close ties with the Japanese company through selling the PlayStation 4 console.

    The fall date is later than previously indicated by SIE, which has consistently stated the PlayStation VR HMD would be arriving in the first half on 2016.

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