FuturLab Reveals Next Project will be On PlayStation VR

    The Develop: Brighton conference 2016 is in full swing today with plenty of sessions taking place over the next few days on virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology. One of the talks currently taking place is on Developing for VR – Lessons from the Leaders. Hosted by Graham McAllister, Director at Player Research the talk features several studios including Brighton’s own FuturLab. In the discussion FuturLab has revealed it’s working on a VR title for Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE’s) PlayStation VR.

    During the session – which VRFocus liveblogged – a question came up about which platform to design for. Studios Fracture and Tammeka Games suggested that it’s about the experience you want to create, while FuturLab responded: “We’ve built a long and fruitful relationship with Sony, so it was a natural and clear path to begin working with PlayStation VR.”

    While not unveiling any further details FuturLab also tweeted earlier today: ” Right, ridiculously excited about our VR game now. It’s looking utterly gorgeous. Fans of our work are going to be delighted I think =).”

    So the team has definitively confirmed a PlayStation VR title is on its way but are currently staying very quiet on what it could be.

    The award-winning studio is best known for its PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita titles Surge Deluxe and Velocity 2X, the latter received a Gamespot Game of the Year 2014 award on PS Vita. While the VR project could well be a re-imagining of Velocity, the studio’s website does note: ” We’ve recently released Velocity 2X and Surge Deluxe to critical acclaim, and now we’re working on an exciting new IP!”

    This new IP could well be the secretive VR project being worked on. More details could well surface over the next few days as Develop: Brighton continues. As VRFocus learns more about Futurlab’s latest project we’ll keep you updated.