Frontier Cancels Elite Dangerous CQC Tournament But Plans Other Competitions For the Near Future

    Following the lead up to the multi-thousand prize Elite Dangerous tournament organised by Frontier Developments themselves, it has now come to light that it will be no more and that there won’t be a tournament at all.

    It was back at the end of 2015 that Frontier annouced the tournament where players would have the chance to win some of the prize money that has been set aside for the winners which, contrary to what has been assumed by the title of the forum post announcing the tournament, wasn’t going to be $100,000 (USD), but $7,500. In an update on the Frontier forums, Zac Antonaci, Head of Community Management, stated that due to the late recent update it set plans back further than anticipated.

    “In order to run the tournament we wanted to bring in a number of specific features which would allow us to run the event in the way we had planned. However, as you may remember the 2.1 update required a little longer in development as we focused on game improving features that went through the core game play experience and brought our largest Elite Dangerous update to date.”

    Antonaci assured fans, however, that if they were excited for this tournament, that there would be others: “For those of you who were excited for a CQC tournament this year, I’m delighted to say that we won’t be leaving you disappointed. We’re very glad to be able to confirm that we will be launching our first ever in game PVP tournament, The Icarus Cup.” He explains that the wing v wing tournament are designed for balanced teams of medium and small ships, and players should start forming their squads now.

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