Finding Gravity Passes Steam Greenlight Campaign

    Environmental puzzle videogames are not an unusual sight in virtual reality (VR) videogames, a number of successful titles on the platform revolve around players interacting with the in-game world to solve problems and escape from rooms. Finding Gravity, however, is an environmental puzzle title that looks like it offers something a little different which is no doubt part of why it’s been successful in its Steam Greenlight campaign, with the developer revealing plans to expand beyond the Oculus Rift into other headsets, specifically the HTC Vive.

    Finding Gravity is a game that combines switching gravity and puzzle solving but the thing that makes it stand apart from most titles in the same vein is that it involves solving these puzzles co-operatively. Where many VR puzzle videogames feature puzzle solving, the developer of Finding Gravity states that there aren’t many of them that have been designed specifically to be played by two players. In Finding Gravity players and their friend will “a mysterious and atmospheric world by solving ever-more-difficult challenges and overcoming these obstacles together.”

    The title’s developer has an admirable goal with Finding Gravity, hoping to create a game that is accessible enough for anyone to enjoy, from hardcore gamers, to young children, to inexperienced gamers. They say “our game isn’t about running fast or fighting enemies, but rather working with one another to make your way through the game”, making it the perfect title to convince some of your more skeptical friends of the possibilities of VR gaming.

    Following its Steam success, Finding Gravity also launched a Kickstarter campaign which has also been successful meaning the title will officially go into production with the aim of being completed towards the end of the summer, though this is not a solid release date.

    VRFocus will closely follow Finding Gravity’s development and report developments as they happen.

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