Final Approach Expands with Cargo Drop Challenge Mode

    Arriving as a launch day title for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD), Final Approach tests players multitasking skills by managing an airport. Developer Phaser Lock Interactive has packed the title with stuff to do, and today expands it further. The studio has announced Cargo Drop, a challenge mode where you have to race against the clock and accompanying leaderboards to up the competition stakes.

    There are three challenge mode missions, all timed, where players must complete objectives to gain a one to three star rating. The missions end when either the time runs out or the objective is reached.

    Metro Airport, Midway (Aircraft Carrier) and Metro City host the three modes with each offering a different variant. In Metro Airport players must land, refuel, and launch planes without making any mistakes. Once you’ve made a mistake, the mission ends. Stars are awarded as follows: 1 Star – 10 Planes; 2 Stars – 25 Planes; 3 Stars – 50 Planes.

    For Midway UFOs are attacking and they must be shot down with turrets located on the battleships. You have 5 turrets defending 516 fighters, and it’s all over when all 5 are dead. While Metro City is all about flying planes through rings, pathing them in and around buildings. Again the mission ends when you make a mistake and stars are awarded as follows: 1 Star – 10 Rings; 2 Stars – 15 Rings; 3 Stars – 20 Rings.

    The new leaderboards section features multiple stats including Best Completion Time and Best Score. There’s various filters for viewing Top 10 Scores, Top Friend Scores and Scores near a players ranking. And the leaderboards also work for the singleplayer story mode as well

    VRFocus will continue its coverage of Final Approach, reporting back with any further updates, and we’ll also have an achievements list soon.

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