Filmmakers Organise Beginners VR Cinematic Storytelling Workshop in Helsinki

    Virtual reality (VR) can seem like an exclusive area to enter with the specialist equipment and tools to familiarise yourself with, but there are workshops being formed all over the world as a gateway for all into the tech. Now, a small crew of film and VR enthusiasts from Helsinki, Finland, have put together a workshop for storytellers who want to enter the VR space.

    Attendees will benefit from use of all in one 360 cameras, such as Kodak Pixpro, Ricoh Theta S, and 360Fly, dollies and monopods, as well as post-production stations. This VR filmmaking workshop is split up into three different stages over the course of eight days: The first two days will consist of pre-production exercises where attendees can come up with written scripts of ideas to be developed during the workshop. This is so that there is an awareness and utility of the possibilities of 360-degree video.

    The second stage is the production of the ideas over three days, where each team will have a director, cinematographer, production designer, sound designer, and editor. Each role will be assigned according to what the members want, and everyone will be able to test out the VR equipment first. Lastly, there will be a three day post-production section, where teams will stitch and edit their video to finish it off.

    For the eight day course, registration will cost €200 (EUR), with the choice to choose either just the first two sessions (€150), or the third (€90). It is warned that the workshop might be full before late registration, which started on 17th July. All registration will close on 24th July, and the workshop will be on 20th August.

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