Experimental VR Ideas To Be Introduced By Google Daydream Labs

    The second day of the Google I/O conference has now begun and the company has jumped straight into virtual reality (VR) announcements. Taking to the stage was Lindsay Metcalf, Lead Designer, Google, who revealed more details on Google Daydream. She discussed Daydream Home the new hub for the device, as well as Daydream Labs a new experimental program exploring VR.

    Metcalf began by saying: “Daydream Labs is where we’re going to experiment and share what we learn with the world. We’re hard at work, right here in Mountain View, and we’re exploring everything from usability, to hardware, to new user experiences for virtual reality.

    “And as part of this effort, we’re rapid prototyping to explore what makes VR useful, fun and also sometimes bad. So so far we’ve been building about two app experiments a week for a while, and today we’re going to start sharing these lessons with everyone.”

    Developers looking to create VR projects can do so now as Google has released details to get you started. Studios will get access to the Daydream Design Playground which features experiments done in-house at Google on the many ways the Daydream Controller can be used, from flipping pancakes and fishing, to playing tennis, there’s fifteen different ways to use the controller currently.

    There’s going to be numerous talks over the course of the day on all aspects of VR, with a lot of them being live-streamed. As announcements are made VRFocus will bring you the latest.

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