Experience the Fall of Jericho and Parting of the Red Sea With Bible-VR to Launch on Cardboard

    Sometimes life just makes it so you can’t attend Church on Sundays, but now Bible-VR has announced that it will be launching its mobile-based virtual reality (VR) adaptation of the Bible for Cardboard head-mounted displays (HMD).

    Bible-VR asks us to “Imagine the feeling of walking in the manger during the birth of Jesus, or being next to the Hebrews, as they cross the Red Sea with walls of water menacingly close while being chased by the vengeful Pharaoh’s chariots”, which all sounds like pretty adrenaline-pumping experiences. The Christian devs claim to offer the first 3D virtual content from the stories of the Bible, and the way they are to achieve this is with both short stories and motion pictures.

    Filming for the short stories has already started in Morocco and Israel, giving authenticity to the production of the immersive faith content, recreating some of the environmental and historical accuracies in context of the Bible. This content is for both educational and entertainment purposes, letting the users explore the holy land during a time when there was upheaval amongst the Israelites. “The VR platform also allows for spiritual growth with the allocation of prayer rooms and meditation in the event the user would like to ave alone time with their creator”.

    “People of faith can come to Bible-VR.com and view different sermons from church partners from all over the United States. Imagine participating in different prayer rooms, or traveling via 3D reality to the great places of the Bible.”

    The religious app is to launch in less than two weeks, and on its site people are welcomed to attend the launch: “Come see our launch July 12th 2016 at the North American Christian Convention in Anaheim. Booth 842.”

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