EU clients: new VAT rules starting January 2015

    Starting January 2015, we will modify the way we apply VAT to the orders of our customers residing in the European Union, following the latest EU tax laws.

    What is going to change?

    The VAT applied to virtual products (for example, Kolor software) will now be the VAT of your country of residence (we currently apply the French VAT of 20% as we are based in France).

    Example with an Autopano Pro license that costs €99 excl. VAT, and currently costs €118.80 incl. 20% French VAT:

    • If you reside in Germany, Autopano Pro will now be €117.81 (incl. 19% German VAT).
    • If you reside in Ireland, Autopano Pro will now be €121.77 (incl. 23% Irish VAT).

    You can find the standard VAT rate of your country.

    Hardware items are not impacted by this change.

    Who is concerned?

    Only individuals residing in the EU are concerned by this measure. The VAT will still not be applied to European companies (except France) with a valid VAT ID number, nor to clients residing outside the European Union. To be sure the right VAT rate is applied to your orders, please verify your address in your customer account.

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