Virtual tour software: Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.3.1 Final

    Kolor has just released a new version for Panotour / Panotour Pro, the virtual tour creation software.
    This version 2.3.1 fixes several bugs for both MacOS and Linux versions.This new version is of course free for all Panotour 2.x users, please consult the change log below if you want to know more.


    Download Panotour for Windows Mac and Linux

    The change log Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.3.1 Final



    We upgraded the graphical library used by Panotour/PanotourPro on MacOS.

    The refresh of the graphical interface should now be faster.

    Some crashes that happened on MacOS may be fixed now as they seemed to occur in some display processes that are not called anymore, but as we never reproduced them, we cannot ensure it.

    Yosemite support is still in progress. Main features of the interface are working now, but Fullscreen for example is still buggy.


    This version fixes a major issue on Linux. Users do not have to register every time they run Panotour/PanotourPro any more.


    If you faced some crashes on Windows 32bits, this version may not fix them. We are still working on this major issue.


    Use new krpano released version 1.18.2


    HTML samples have been enhanced

    If you used some custom templates found on the sample page ( or if you created your own HTML template based on those samples, then you should download the new ones.


    MacOS X Yosemite will be supported in Panotour Pro 2.4 release.

    Panotour/Panotour Pro 2.4 version when released will run on :

    – MacOS 10.8 or higher

    – Windows 7 or higher

    – Ubuntu 14 or higher

    Fixes since 2.3.0

    – 0004199: [crash] Linux crashes when many panoramas

    – 0004156: [Installer] Linux Ubuntu 14.04 64b and 12.04 cannot register the product

    – 0004227: [Tour] Gyroscope issue : can be restored on new panorama

    – 0004220: [Tour] krpano 1.18.2 usage

    – 0004196: [Tour] Autorotation/Autotour problem when linked with plugins with opened, closed and open at start states

    – 0004207: [Tour] Update fovtype for for flat scene horizontal

    – 0004204: [Tour] Update of the Bootstrap theme for better Panotour HTML5 plugins management

    – 0004193: [Tour] Correct some krpano <image> type conditions

    – 0004170: [Tour] Tooltip stay on cursor position when a blocking animation is launched

    – 0004164: [Tour] Description plugin : description is opened on each new pano even if closed when respond to show/hide controls effect

    – 0004158: [Tour] Correct the orientationchange issue on iPhone with white line

    – 0004239: [Plugin] PanotourMaps : code clean for radar usage

    – 0004183: [Plugin] Previous/Next Strips : Correct the default alpha value for tablets and mobiles

    – 0004165: [Plugin] Floorplan plugin : correct draggable state issue when called before it’s implementation

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