Episode 5 of Galaxy Explorer Development Series for HoloLens Arrives

    Galaxy Explorer, the winning idea in Microsoft’s ‘Share Your Idea’ competition for its mixed reality (MR) head-mounted display (HMD), HoloLens, is in its final stages of development. The team plans to showcase the app at the Microsoft Build Developer Conference, which takes place from 30th March – 1st, April 2016, and this week launched the next episode in its behind the scenes series.

    In episode five the development team begins testing the app, looking for bugs to be fixed, and polishing up the whole experience. As with first episode the short video is introduced senior program manager Jessica Zahn, saying: “We have a good idea where we want to go, and then as we see what happens we make minor shifts in that plan.”

    The team have been putting Galaxy Explorer through its paces, noticing clipping at certain points, while at other times the scale hasn’t always worked correctly. One instance came from looking at the Earth in full screen mode and the moon disappears off somewhere, which shouldn’t be the case a team member notes. While a different scale bug they found when transitioning from the galaxy to the solar system, meant that as things went past the viewer got a mixture of blurry objects and some with detail. The team liked this and may keep it as a feature.

    There’s less than two weeks to go until the conference, and VRFocus will bring you any more updates that happen in between.