Epic Games CEO on VR Editor: ‘This is a start of a real revolution’

    Epic Games revealed a brand new asset set to be made available to the virtual reality (VR) development community yesterday, VR Editor. Using Unreal Engine 4, developers are able to step inside their creation with VR Editor’s VR Mode and edit the content in real-time. Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, sees this as a huge achievement for Epic Games and the start of something big.

    Officially revealed in an Epic Games livestream on the company’s official channel, Sweeney joined Senior Community Manager, Chance Ivey, and members of the VR development team at Epic Games to discuss the project along with the reveal. Ever-enthusiastic about VR, Sweeney, was bold in his assertion that VR Editor is needed for VR developers to maximise their efficiency.

    “I think this is a start of a real revolution. Every application over the next decade is going to move into VR,” stated Sweeney. “We have a few key pieces of the engine implemented now, but this is just the start. Expect the VR Editor to update rapidly.”

    The fact that Sweeney recognises that some features VR developers want may have to come later is reassuring; developers are clearly excited by the prospect of VR Editor and would rather see incremental updates than an unworkable product shipped.

    VR Editor has not yet received an official release date, though further announcements have been confirmed for 16th March 2016. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on VR Editor and other VR projects from Epic Games.


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