Disney World Could be Planning a Wreck-It Ralph VR Ride

    Virtual reality (VR) rollercoasters seem to be the newest craze in amusement parks, and one of the latest to join that list could be Disney World with an allegedly new Wreck-It Ralph VR ride.

    With the sequel to the film coming in March 2018, it would make sense for the amusement park to invest in a Wreck-It Ralph rollsercoaster, and it is said that it could replace the Lilo and Stitch themed coaster, Stitch’s Great Escape!, in Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland. This all first came from the Unofficial Guide’s Disney Dish podcast, where Jim Hill, described as a “Disney theme park insider”.

    It is said that if this does go ahead, the ride would put theme park-goers in the middle of a Sugar Rush race car game which features in the film. Then, according to reports, guests would get into a racecar they have designed themselves and race in VR.

    If this rumour is true, this could be a big move for Disney World, and it wouldn’t be entirely unbelievable considering how many other theme parks have taken on this trend. But, all the same, there could be a big chance that this is simply just a rumour – either way it seems to have shaken up the Disney World community.

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