Discover the Magical World of MageWorks on HTC Vive

    Last month developer Earthborn Interactive was looking for Steam community support to get its magical exploration title MageWorks Greenlit on Steam. That support came and today the virtual reality (VR) videogame for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) has now gone live.

    MageWorks is a casual explorer where players can learn the fundamentals of being a mage. Starting with basic spells, fire, lightning, ice and teleportation, head out into the world with spellbook in one hand and staff in the other to learn new spells and personalise your staff.


    Proving yourself with the basics will unlock stave crafting to focus your magic in new ways. You can be a good mage and help those less fortunate or become an evil sorcerer and unleash some demonic spells on the world.

    With different areas to explore each world will offer various difficulty levels with alternate mini-game style modes such as tower defence and target ranges to tryout.

    As a Steam Early Access videogame the studio is planning on a full release in around a years time, to develop further features and content. The team explains: “MageWorks is being developed in a modular fashion that builds the core mechanics of gameplay at an early stage which can then be expanded based on community feedback. Subsequent builds will have more worlds to explore, more spells to unlock, new and more aggressive characters that fight back, as well as the MageWorks woodshop where players can customize their staves. Based on how the Mage quarters is currently designed, the goal is to build at least 6 worlds, each with 5 sub-worlds including different environment types and game play styles.”

    Mage works can be downloaded now for £3.99 GBP, that price is likely to increase as development continues. VRFocus will continue its coverage of MageWorks, reporting back with any new announcements.