DiRT Rally Gets a Dev Diary on Console Release and More

    Racing fans on PC have been able to play the full version of Codemaster Racing Studio’s DiRT Rally since late last year, but the virtual reality (VR) compatible title is still on the road to a console release on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Today, the racer, which supports the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) on PC, has received a brand new developer diary which talks about the work the developer is doing to bring it to other platforms. That video can now be seen below.

    Members of the development team are on hand to talk about the work done on DiRT Rally so far in this video. They discuss how the title’s time in Steam’s Early Access system helped shape the experience, and how authenticity was placed as the centre of it.

    “The key pillar that we grew the whole game on was the idea of making the most authentic and best rally racing experience that had ever been made,” said Paul Coleman, Chief Games Designer on DiRT Rally. “We started from the ground up, looking at what we needed to do with the tracks, how we needed to change the cars to make sure that they drove properly within them and getting that feeling right; the sense of flowing through a stage and of impending doom if you go off the road. All of that stuff really feeds into what it is to be a rally driver and the mindset that you approach the stages with.”

    It’s not yet clear if DiRT Rally‘s PlayStation 4 version will support the PlayStation VR HMD. Stick to VRFocus for the latest news on the project.


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