Digital LA’s Women in VR Panel Taking Place Today

    The technology sector is often seen as a male dominated industry, but women do play a crucial role, filling numerous high level positions. Organised by Digital LA is an event taking place tonight focusing on the virtual reality (VR) industry called Women in VR.

    There will be a panel discussing action steps to increase women in VR, from hiring and recruiting, social groups and networking, mentorship, creating content that appeals to women and more. In the interactive workshop portion, speakers  and attendees will brainstorm ideas and create action steps to increase women in VR on a personal, company and/or community level.

    Speaking at the event will be, Shannon Gans, New Deal Studios, Co-Founder. New Deal is a creative studio specialising in VR, VFX, content, design and practical & digital effects. The studio did Interstellar VFX, which won an Oscar, BAFTA, VES & Sundance. Jacki Morie, All These Worlds.  All These Worlds creates virtual worlds for health, training, art and other experiences. The company has a major contract with NASA to develop virtual worlds for long duration space flight missions, providing future astronauts relief from the social and psychological isolation. Nancy Bennett, Two Bit Circus, Chief Content Officer: VR. Content development and production oversight for all media and platforms. 360 3D virtual reality motion platform experience direction. Development of content related IP. Ryan Pulliam, Specular Theory, Co-Founder, CMO. Specular Theory was behind the VR version of Terminator Genisys: The YouTube Chronicles, and The Donnies The Amys recent 360 degree music video. Helen Situ, Next VR, VR Evangelist. NextVR captures and delivers live and on-demand VR experiences like the recent US Democratic debate, and Natasha Pierson, WEVR, Senior Producer.

    Women in VR will be held at CTRL Collective, 12575 Beatrice St, Playa Vista, California, from 7pm – 9pm PDT. VRFocus will continue to report on the latest VR news, as details are announced.


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