Delve Into Classic Art With the Night Cafe Now on HTC Vive

    One of the standout experiences for the Gear VR thus far has been has been The Night Café: A VR Tribute to Vincent Van Gogh from Borrowed Light Studios. Don’t just take VRFocus‘ word for it; this unique experience won a platinum award in last year’s Oculus VR mobile development jam as well as a community choice award. Today, the title is moving beyond mobile VR and arriving on Steam with support for Valve and HTC’s own virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD), the HTC Vive.

    Although VR support isn’t listed as per usual, the fine print for the release confirms that it’s running on the HTC Vive. In fact, a visit to Borrowed Light Studios’ official blog confirms that the videogame is making full use of the HMD’s Room-Scale user-tracking, which allows players to physically walk around environments in an area of up to 15 feet by 15 feet. Previously, you could walk around the experience using the Gear VR’s on-board touchpad.

    It’s well worth checking out. The Night Cafe is based off of a painting of the same name, and sets itself to soothing music as you go beyond the original picture and explore other areas of the building it’s set in. You’ll even find the artist himself relaxing by the window, were an easter egg for another iconic Van Gogh painting can also be found. If you want to know more about the work bringing the title to Vive then Borrowed Light Studios goes in-depth on the process and its challenges in that blog.
    The studio also teases that it’s working on its next videogame, which will definitely be one to watch out for in the future. This is a developer is off to a great start and VRFocus hopes to see much more from it in the near future. The Night Cafe is available to download for free from Steam.

    For the latest from Borrowed Light Studios, as well as all VR news and updates, check back with VRFocus.