Dell Will Design ‘pretty much every system’ for VR Going Forwards

    Oculus VR has three brands that are making Oculus Ready PCs right now. Asus, Dell and the latter’s subsidiary, Alienware, are all making rigs that meet the Oculus Rift’s recommended specifications and will be labelled as such. Some of these will be bundled with units of the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) starting at $1499 USD, providing a discount on the $599 device. Going forward, however, Dell itself plans to start making ‘pretty much every system’ it has ready for VR.

    Frank Azor, Alienware and XPS General Manager at Dell, said as much in a talk with Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey hosted this week at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. “You will see us design pretty much every system moving forward with VR in mind,” he said, later adding: “In the future, hopefully, every Dell and Alienware PC will meet the minimum specifications of VR.” Azor didn’t give a timeframe for when this possible future might arrive, though the Oculus Rift itself will be kicking off the arrival of consumer VR in March 2016.

    Oculus VR itself has noted that further optimising PCs plays an important part of reducing the all-in price of VR, as this takes up the majority of the cost at this point in time even with the Oculus Rift’s high cost.

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