Defend your Base from Attack in Inbound

    Today has seen quite a few videogames launch on Steam for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD). Human , We Have a Problem, Protonwar, Smell of Death are just some of the new virtual reality (VR) title available and now another has been added to the list. Inbound from Gyoza Games LLC brings classic 80’s missile defence into the 21st Century.

    Players take control as commander of an asteroid colony that needs defending from competitors. Towering over the battlefield you’ll use the HTC Vive’s positional-tracked controllers to aim your defences at the incoming barrage of projectiles from space, all the while defending against mechs attacking from the ground and enemy space craft flying by.

    To aid in the battle when things get really tough is a time freezing function that slows everything down, helping to spot enemies that might have gone unnoticed or just to clear up. But the function isn’t unlimited so careful management is required.

    Inbound is the first title from the newly formed Gyoza Games, a studio formed by John Nagle who helped co-found Phaser Lock Interactive, the developer of another HTC Vive title, Final Approach.

    Nagle spoke about the project on VRTV saying: “Inbound is VR arcade awesomeness, combining elements of classic missile defence and some elements of active tower defence (where the player is physically operating the defensive weaponry.) It will feature some scale gameplay modes.”

    As with a lot of VR videogames on Steam, Inbound launches with a discount to attract gamers. Running until 12th July 2016, there’s a 10 percent discount available for early adopters, knocking the price down from £11.99 GBP to £10.79.

    As Gyoza Games makes further announcements VRFocus will keep you updated.