Defend Planets With a Slingshot in Human, We Have a Problem Out Now For HTC Vive

    In one of the latest titles to come to the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD), there is a mix of familiar gameplay with strange overtones that aren’t as usual in Human, We Have a Problem, developed by Enrick Lambert.

    This space-based title, which uses the full room scale aspect that the HTC Vive offers, has a hint of Invaders, but with the player using a slingshot to defend themselves and with strange looking sheep who at first appear to have zimmerframes, it doesn’t seem all that familiar at all. By using the slingshot, players can obliterate the oncoming offending orange blobs that are flung towards you in an effort to destroy your grassy, small planet. The player must collect and throw small cosmis rocks in order to overcome the aliens who want to invade your planet for an unknown reason.

    There is a chance for the player to climb up the leaderboard that is shared amongst all players of the videogame, which makes up for its single player gamemode. There are also Steam Achievements to be won in an effort to make the videogame even more competitive and challenging.

    There isn’t too much information shared about this title, but all that needs to be known can be taken from the screenshots and video trailer featured on the Steam store front page. It seems as though as well as protecting your own planet, the player can also maintain its out of place farmy land by growing carrots, having sheep mow the lawn, and look up at the windmill that may prove pointless when in space.

    Human, We Have a Problem is out today with a 15 percent discount. Retailing for £8.49 GBP rather than £9.99 until 12th July 2016 for the HTC Vive HMD.

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