Corp Announces Launch of Two VR Products Corp a mobile virtual reality (VR) software company aims to create fun and accessible VR experiences has announced two new VR products. Today the company has revealed Daydream.VR, a music virtualiser and the Daydream.VR Viewer, a Google Cardboard style head-mounted display (HMD).

    The Daydream.VR music virtualiser is a mobile app that transforms your music collection into VR. The apps beta was launched on 30th Sept, 2015 and was downloaded over 3000 times in under 2 weeks, the company has stated. Since then the developer has updated the application and it is now available for free download on iOS or Android smartphones.

    Master the Art of Spacing Out!Get inside your music. Daydream.VR expands your perceptions of your favorite songs and mixes. Daydream.VR creates a fully immersive, sound-responsive, fantastical world from your music collection.Daydream.VR loads audio from your music libraries or directly from your microphone. Your audio is converted into a fully 3D ambisonic experience.Go ahead, daydream! (PRNewsFoto/ corporation)

    Ignacio “Nacho” Platas, Chief Product Officer of said in a statement: “Daydream.VR responds to your music with immersive visuals that totally space you out. Our lightweight app downloads in seconds. The interface is extremely simple and can be played by any smartphone user.”

    While the app is free, the Daydream.VR Viewer can be purchased for $14.99 USD from the website. A VR headset is required to fully enjoy the immersive experience, but any cardboard style headset should work. The Daydream.VR Viewer will also be available in stores in the New York City Metro area soon.

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