DAQRI Partners With Two Trees to Create AR Tech

    Virtual reality (VR) has a number of players fighting and working together to come out top, especially with the latest launches of the Oculus Rift and soon the HTC Vive, but the main runner in the game of augmented reality (AR) seems to be Microsoft with its HoloLens with a couple others in its shadow. DAQRI has partnered with holography specialists, Two Trees, to fight to the top of the game in AR technology.

    It has been reported by Forbes that DAQRI, developers of the Smart Helmet, ‘the most powerful augmented reality device on the market’, has taken on Two Trees, a UK-based holographic tech company who takes on research from the University of Cambridge, to better its chances of taking on the current industry leaders, such as Microsoft.

    Brian Mullins, Co-Founder and CEO of DAQRI, said in the article: “We’ve been searching for a little over four years for dynamic holography technology and then we encountered this company,” He went on to say “The company had a brilliant physicist team that had cracked a fundamental part of dynamic holography. It’s stunning to see the first time.”

    Mullins is hopeful that by taking on AR early that the partnership will go far, as well AR, saying ” It won’t take two or threes decades like it did with cell phones. We’ll see AR at work first. From there it will move into the consumer world”.

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