CryWorks Launched by Pixar, ILM and Disney Veterans

    It has now been announced that VRF/CGI veterans Euan Macdonald, Hans Uhlig and Kymber Lim who co-founded entertainment company CryWorks have successfully completed a new seed funding round.

    The seed funding round was led by Michael Bay’s 451 Media Group, 500 Mobile Collective, and venture fund WI Harper Group. The company is focused on developing virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences across current and future platforms.

    CryWorks is looking at strategic partnerships across the VR content, hardware and software ecosystems, having already worked on VR projects for big name brands including Samsung, The Wall Street Journal and eSports ESL One.

    “Although there are a few high-quality VR content pieces to date, most of them have little incentive for the viewer to keep tuning back in,” Macdonald explained. “We see an opportunity to build the first VR broadcast network, partnering with other production companies and creating addictive, episodic experiences.”

    All the co-founders have an extensive history working in filmmaking. Macdonald has over 25 years’ VFX/CGI leadership experience at Lucasfilm/ILM, Pixar, Disney ImageMovers Digital and Electronic Arts (EA) and serves as CEO. His credits include Star Wars, Jurassic Park and the Harry Potter Films.

    Uhlig is the CTO at CryWorks having previously been a technical director. Having previously worked at Lucasfilm/ILM, Electronic Arts and Polygon, Uhlig will oversee technology development of proprietary capture and production technology alongside working on VR productions. And award-winning VFX producer Lim serves as CryWorks’ chief content officer, contributing expertise in business development, Hollywood/Asia relations and VR production.

    As details on CryWorks projects are released VRFocus will bring you the latest announcements.

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