Crytek Gets Real Climbers Reactions to The Climb

    The Climb developer Crytek has been heavily promoting its virtual reality (VR) title, with dev diaries and trailers galore. Launched exclusively for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) a couple of weeks ago on Oculus Home, this week Crytek revealed a new video getting the reactions of climbers at an indoor climbing centre.

    Taking along an Oculus Rift, amateur and professional climbers alike got to try out The Climb and see how the VR title stacked up against the real thing. Naturally being a promotional video all the reactions to the videogame are highly positive, being impressed with the virtual world Crytek has created.

    The Climb gives players the chance to immerse themselves in the extreme sport of mountain climbing, challenging them to find the right path up various mountain ranges. The areas are themed on real-life mountain ranges like the Alps in some of the most detailed VR gameplay available. Traversing these rugged, expansive landscapes will grant you views for snow capped vistas, fairy tale castles and much more.

    VRFocus will continue its coverage of Crytek and its latest VR projects.

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