Coming Up on VRTV #7: Mastering Piano, Infinite360 & EVE Fanfest Winners

    It has now gotten to VRTV #7 and in this episode there is a complimentary coupling of guests that are interesting to viewers who are interested in developers who are pioneering their own vision or a studio who is embarking on its journey after receiving a much sought-after piece of production kit.

    Before the coming episode is touched on, there are some points to be shared about the previous – but make sure you have seen it before reading on. The last episode of VRTV started with an interview with Bojan Brbora on his latest Kickstarter campaign for Negotiator VR, but it was also the first of its kind where the show wandered outside of the studio for the second half over to Iceland for the EVE Fanfest 2016 and featured the different virtual reality (VR) demos and talks that took place. These types of features will be appearing more and more over the next few weeks from VFocus as a whole, so if you enjoyed the change in direction make sure to keep an eye out for more content. However, announcements of change will come with the next episode of VRTV so make sure to check both the text posts and the next episode: VRTV#8.

    The seventh episode sees the show return back to the studio, and the two guests who will be featured are Dr Cyril Godart of niche independent VR content producers Virtual Insight, and Matt Morgan from the only studio in the UK to have received a Nokia OZO, Infinite360.

    Godart, CEO of Virtual Insight, will be touching on the series he has produced born of his love of piano, discussing the many ways of which the studio considered designing the best way for someone to learn how to play the piano through virtual – and augmented – reality. The company is only small and was only founded last year, but the progress and level of completion of its project is highlighted.

    Morgan, Client Service Director of Digital, VR and Immersive Content, discusses how Infinite360 has been the only company so far to acquire the Nokia OZO, and how the studio is doing everything they can to put the kit to full use with creations of new and unique content.

    As for the announcement of the EVE Fanfest competition winners, that is to come very soon in the usual slot in between the news and interviews for those eager to find out if you are the new owners of the limited EVE Online winter wear – including hat and gloves – bag, and copy of Empires of EVE, which launched during the Fanfest. It should be noted that these were not given out during the event, so extra emphasis on the word “limited”.

    The upcoming episode of VRTV is to arrive at the usual scheduled time of 4pm GMT on 19th May where you can enjoy all that has been outlined as well as the latest news roundup. Until then you can keep up to date with the latest happenings in the world of VR right here with VRFocus.