Combine Your Photographic Memories with VR Socialising in vTime

    vTime the social networking app currently available for Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard launched back in December 2015. Today developer Starship has announced the arrival of the 2.0 update, bringing with it new features and performance improvements.

    The main addition to vTime is a new socialising feature that allows the user to chat with family and friends inside their own photographs. Rather than using one of the pre-rendered scenes available, upload a 360-degree or panoramic image to your own vTime cloud and then select that as your backdrop. The new feature brings a far more personalised approach to vTime, it’s also an inventive of showing off your latest 360-degree images.

    Also added is ‘The Archive’, designed for standard 2D photographs. Set in an atmospheric underground vault, users can look through the images and then share them with friends in vTime sessions.

    “Being sociable isn’t just about chatting,” explains vTime CEO Martin Kenwright. “It’s also about sharing your personal memories with others. So now, we’re letting you do just that; by giving you access to The Archive, and the freedom to upload your own images to the 360 Gallery.”

    The developer has also added several bug fixes, audio improvements and a ‘Busy Mode’ to vTime. Busy Mode allows users to stop receiving friend requests, invitations, or join requests while talking to someone else.

    Starship also plans to expand support for vTime with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive compatibility coming soon. As VRFocus confirmed back in March 2016, vTime will also be heading to PlayStation VR, and Starship has stated it’ll be available at launch.

    For further news and updates on vTime keep reading VRFocus.

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