Junkbots 2 Continues the Battle on Jaunt VR

    A couple of months ago VRFocus reported on YouTube content creator Sam Macaroni releasing a 360-degree sci-fi short called Junkbots. Now he’s back again with sequel Junkbots 2, this time though the video also features the talents of Billy Zane (Titanic/ The Phantom).

    As with all of Macaroni’s videos he keeps things short and fast paced, with Junkbots 2 running for just over a minute. In Junkbots 2 both actors play soldier’s trying to stop an army of giant robots attacking a city. This video delves a little deeper into the story with Zane narrating a brief synopsis of prior events. It’s been 14 days since the invasion and a scientist has cracked a code to disable the enemy and its up to the two heroes to save the day. Unfortunately things don’t go to plan for one of them.

    Macaroni is a prevelant 360-degree filmmaker whose previous projects include Wookie on Vacation and A Violent Afternoon. Most of Macaroni’s 360-degree videos feature across multiple formats usually appearing on YouTube and Jaunt VR app. Junkbots 2 however can (at present) only be viewed through Jaunt. VRFocus has the video below which can be controlled via the WASD keys or on Jaunt’s website. To further immerse yourself in the action, you’ll want to watch on your smartphone using a head-mounted display like Google Cardboard or Merge VR. If you have a compatible Samsung device you can also use the Gear VR headset.

    VRFocus will continue its coverage of Sam Macaroni, reporting back with any further 360-degree projects.