Co-op Shooter Killing Floor: Incursion Announced for Oculus Rift

    Already a well-known and highly successful gaming universe, first person co-operative shooter Killing Floor is coming to Oculus Rift with Killing Floor: Incursion after an announcement at the PC Gaming Show at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

    Players will take on the role of an elite soldier who must use guns, blades, and many more weapon to defeat an onslaught of sci-fi monsters alongside their allies. Killing Floor: Incursion will make use of the upcoming Oculus Touch controllers and players will be able to freely explore the videogame’s environments, finding the best locations for a fighting advantage, where they must also scavenge for weapons and ammo to fight the hordes of monsters.

    A trailer for the videogame showcases some truly terrifying monsters and diverse environments, as well as offering a glimpse of the natural hand movements promised by the Oculus Touch which should hopefully make weapon control smooth and easy. You’ll need it with the speed some of these monsters move.

    “Working with Oculus to bring the Killing Floor universe to VR has been a dream come true,” said Leland Scali, Project Lead at Tripwire Interactive. “The technology is expressive and brings an amazing amount of control and immersiveness that traditional games can’t begin to compete with.”

    Killing Floor: Incursion is an exclusive for Oculus Rift from Tripwire Interactive. Though there’s no final release date announced, keep up with VRFocus where we’ll report the latest news on the title and more E3 2016 announcements.