Clever Fox Announces VR Horror Film Release and Festival Panels

    Films produced for virtual reality (VR) don’t seem to be all that rare leading up to this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Production company Clever Fox, known for their first original VR film Last Man Standing, have now released a new VR Horror title Coyote ahead of the festival starting tomorrow, and have also announced the line-up for two panels.

    Not offering too many details on the plot of the film, Clever Fox describes Coyote as an ‘immersive 3D 360 degree ghost story’, set in the Californian desert. Starring in the title is Stephanie Sheh, known for her voice acting across animated productions, and Joe Kaplan.

    Director of the film, Dekker Dreyer, explains in a press release that due to previous success, he wanted to make something that works best on a VR head-mounted display (HMD), and said: “My approach to making immersive films is to create a dream-like experience and mix different narrative styles. Coyote is very eerie and horror fans will love it. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever shot before.”

    As well as the movie’s release, Dreyer will be hosting a discussion panel on cinematic VR storytelling at the Sundance Film Festival on the 26th January 2016, at 2:45pm. He will appear alongside Matthew Collado of VR platform Littlstar, Kim Adams of Google Spotlight Stories, and Jacquie Barnbrook who worked on the VR feature for the hit film The Martian. Another panel will be held the day before on the 25th January, at Park City Studios about acting for VR, featuring Stephanie Sheh, Michael Sinterniklaas, and Sarah Himadeh from WEVR’s The Visitor.

    Coyote is available now in 3D exclusive to Littlstar’s Samsung Gear VR app, and will be available on other non-VR devices through Littlstar on 1st February 2016.

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