Chinese Entertainment Companies Unite In Strategic Partnership

    Today in Beijing an agreement was announced between two of the countries most important companies in radio and television. Cloud based platform China Digital TV and the state owned Hubei Radio & Television Information Network put out a press release to reveal they would be working together and would ‘pool pool resources and leverage their strategic advantages’ in order to develop the technologies and infrastructure required for a fully integrated virtual reality (VR) platform. Something they hope to bring to subscribers in the future.

    “With the rapid development of virtual technology, [VR] and [Augmented Reality (AR)] are beginning to make their way into people’s everyday lives. As an entirely new display technology, VR has the potential to disrupt many industries and revolutionize the way people consume content, play video games, compute, learn and interact.”

    This is the latest in series of partnerships and takeovers amongst media outlets. Already this month AOL acquired the studio RYOT for use with The Huffington Post and News Corp Australia revealed they had invested in augmented reality company Flippar. China is also developing into a potential area of VR growth, VRFocus has previously reported twice on Chinese football being broadcast in the medium. Last month meanwhile Chinese company Insta360 announced plans for a global push, Chinese film director Zhang Yimou recently created the VR brand SoReal and electronic powerhouse Huawei also revealed this month that it was looking to move in to VR with a new head-mounted display (HMD).

    VRFocus will continue to keep you up to date on VR news from around the world.