CCP Games Has A Giant Patch for EVE: Valkyrie Coming This Month

    Virtual reality (VR) videogame EVE: Valkyrie has been one of the most heavily reported on titles as became a poster child for the industry. Currently only available on the Oculus Rift, the title will also support HTC Vive later this year as well as PlayStation VR when it launches. Today developer CCP Games has announced a massive patch will be arriving this month with new additions, updates and fixes.

    Arriving next Tuesday, 17th May, the patch will include new results/reward screens, a ship comparison feature, progression changes, new gameplay balancing changes, menu improvements and much more.

    The full list can be found below with further details found on the patch’s page listing. VRFocus will continue its coverage of EVE: Valkyrie, reporting back any further announcements.

    Brand New:

    • Results Screen
    • Reward Screen
    • Joystick Controller Mapping
    • Ship Comparison Feature
    • Session player invites for Squads


    • Progression changes: Unlocking Heavy & Support
    • Heavy Class Unlocked: Spectre – Rank 3 (pre-crafted and ready to fly!)
    • Support Class Unlocked: Banshee – Rank 5 (pre-crafted and ready to fly!)
    • Progression Changes: Crafting pre-requisite removed
    • Progression Changes: Launch Tubes can now be purchased
      • Launch Tube 1: No Rank required – free and already unlocked to all players.
      • Launch Tubes 2: Rank 5 – 100,000 Silver
      • Launch Tubes 3: Rank 15 – 500,000 Silver
      • Launch Tubes 4: Rank 20 – 1,000,000 Silver
    • Gameplay & Balance: Improved assist system
    • Gameplay & Balance: Reduced clone vat resources on Team Death Match
    • Gameplay & Balance: Reduced manual respawn time
    • Gameplay & Balance: Missile lock can be manually cancelled
    • Gameplay & Balance: Lock-on weapon’s now target drones
    • Gameplay & Balance: Salvage expiring time reduced
    • Menus: Improved iconography & text descriptions
    • Menus: Classified Ship blueprints are no longer ghosted
    • Menus: Improved description for Legendary Ships
    • In game HUD: Killfeed is delayed after death
    • In game HUD: Victory or Defeat banner added
    • Basic Training
    • Art: New male pilot head

    Various bug and stability fixes including:

    • Heavy ships now have correct weapon loadouts when viewed in the Hangar
    • Fixed bug in Control game mode so that capturing more objectives further increases the drain rate on the enemy clone vat
    • Added fade out effect on expiring Salvage
    • Added confirmation pop-up for all gold purchases
    • Fixed crosshair bug with Siren upgrade. Now shows correct missile count
    • Fixing an issue where Cyclone upgrades weren’t working as expected
    • Fixing an issue where Gorgon upgrades weren’t working as expected
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