Breakout Studio Releases 360-Degree Video for Life of Rome

    VRFocus has been reporting on massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPG) experience Life of Rome since July 2014, and over that time developer Breakout Studios has released a regular stream of updates for the virtual reality (VR) compatible title. This week the studio hasn’t revealed an update, instead it has unveiled a 360-degree video experiment created inside Unity.

    The video is from an area called Forum Romanum which will appear in the main videogame. The quality of the buildings isn’t to the same standard as previously released screenshots of the area, but it’s only a first glance of what the team has been working on. A couple of different viewpoints are available and the video goes through a day/night cycle to showcase lighting, colours and the shear scale that is being built into Life of Rome.

    You can view the video below and control the camera with a mouse or the WASD keys. For a more immersive experience watch it on a smartphone via the YouTube app and a head-mounted display (HMD) like Google Cardboard, Merge VR or similar headset.

    Life of Rome, currently in development for PC and set to be compatible with the Oculus Rift HMD will be launching on Steam Early Access later this year. VRFocus will continue its coverage as further announcements are made.


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