Book Your Place to Play on the HTC Vive at the VR Arcade NotionVR to Open in US

    One of the many hopes for virtual reality (VR) that is yet to be fulfilled is the adoption so far into the mainstream that we can access it just the same as we have done with traditional gaming – particularly in an arcade setting. Two companies, NotionTheory and MakeOffices, have partnered up and simulated this amount of mainstream freedom with NotionVR.

    Although this is called an arcade, it doesn’t seem as though it will live up to our very hopeful expectations of the revival of retro and traditional social gaming. This space is open to those who want to try out VR as well as those who already love it, and they will be able to get their hands on the HTC Vive. The Vive was chosen due to its room scale motion sensing quality, and it is promised that there will be a choice from the latest and most popular games and content.

    “Virtual reality is the next big media frontier and serves as an empathy engine for us to connect with people and our surroundings in ways that we never have before,” said Kristian Bouw, CEO and co-founder of NotionTheory. “To see is to believe, and virtual reality is one of those rare spectacles that can only be experienced to truly understand it.”

    Those who go to this self-described arcade will not only have a chance to try out the Vive, but also share first-person views on a projector display. This is mainly to “educate the community about virtual reality and its potential applications”.

    “We’re excited to demonstrate the potential of VR to our members and the public in a first-of-its kind arcade on the East Coast,” said Raymond Rahbar, CEO, MakeOffices. “At MakeOffices we host vibrant communities of entrepreneurs and innovators who share space and new ideas, and the notionVR arcade brings that all together.”

    Reservations will be made in 30 minute time slots that cost $15 (USD) and will appear in MakeOffices’s Washington, D.C., space from 15th August. MakeOffices members will, however, have free access as part of their membership benefits.

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