Bethesda Reveals DOOM VR at E3 2016

    The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, California is due to commence in a couple of days, but prior to the show opening there are several press conferences taking place by some of the major videogame publishers and manufacturers. The second is from Bethesda and Pete Hines Global VP of PR & Marketing, has revealed recently released first-person shooter DOOM will be made in virtual reality (VR).

    In the announcement Hines has stated that players will be able to get a virtual tour of hell, heading into the blood drenched playing fields. Hines said: “We want you to see and experience what you feel when you put on a headset and play the latest triple A games in the industry. Now we have two games for you to experience, the first is the just released DOOM.”

    The surprise announcement came with very few details with no release date, head-mounted display (HMD) support or screenshots to be seen. It’s also unclear if Bethesda have simply ported the current version of DOOM into VR, or created an entirely new experience from the ground up for the technology.

    Bethesda will be showcasing DOOM at its E3 booth along with another VR title Fallout. The two separate areas for the two titles indicate that DOOM maybe coming to the HTC Vive HMD as no seating is present and is large enough for Room Scale positional tracking. These are likely to be very popular as both videogames on console and PC are very popular and have received great reviews from the media.

    VRFocus will be at E3 to get our hands on DOOM, and we’ll bring you the latest details as we get them.

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