Behind the Scenes of VRTV #8 Finale

    Last week concluded the first season of VRTV, and it was one of the more complex episodes to come out of the season. Alex Voica of Imagination Technologies joined me in the studio and it was an absolute pleasure to get more of an insight into the graphics developments in the world of mobile devices. It is easy enough to look up about NVIDIA and AMD in terms of PC graphics, but mobile VR and graphics as a whole isn’t as easily changed or selected and so it isn’t as highlighted. Mobile VR is undoubtedly the most fast paced in terms of evolving graphics capabilities, and this episode really put some well needed light on the subject.

    When it came to filming the McDonald’s feature, I went up to the offices of make[REAL] where Sam Watts showed me round and let me have a go on the Top of the Crop videogame that is being taken round and is shown in the episode, and it was strangely addicting. Although the studio is relatively small, you can certainly sense exciting projects that are being conjured up.

    Attending the Bath and West Show was a great experience in itself, as it was interesting to see how the team from McDonald’s could market and work the VR HMDs and experiences. It was new to all of the team, but it came across nicely with no technical problems to hinder the user experience, which is a massive factor when it comes to events such as these. The strange part about this last episode was that the news and Bath and West Show were both filmed on the same day, which turned out interestingly successful as there was a question to whether or not I would be able to film and edit down both the sections in time for Thursday. All it meant was a very early start with a plenty of food to keep me going.

    Looking back at how VRTV has progressed there is definitely a stir of excitement in the bellies of those at VRFocus for the upcoming season that will be starting this October. There will be many changes made to how the show will be filmed, set up, and I look forward to implementing many more features to the episodes. It’s all vague right now as there are a few ideas floating round, but I am also looking to the audience to throw in their two pence of how they would like to see the show change. As ever, feel free to tweet me @ZeenaVRFocus or comment below!

    Until then, there will be a series this Summer where I will be visiting various studios, from some of the more well-known developers to more indie, showing how there may not be much of a difference between the two when it comes to VR development.

    I look forward to bouncing ideas with you guys more and taking you with me behind the scenes of VR development. Until then, check out VRFocus for the latest news and updates.