Are you a fan of the 90s anime Gundam Wing, in Japan, and love virtual reality (VR)? This latest reveal may be right up your street, as there will now be a VR experience based on the original series, Gundam VR: Daiba Assault.

As reported by the Japanese news website Famitsu, Gundam VR: Daiba Assault will be an eight minute experience where what it means to be a Gundam pilot can be experienced. The experience is previewed below in a teaser trailer – perhaps one of the most animated mixed reality trailers that has been created.

VR Zone Project i Can is a pop up in Odaiba, Japan, launched by Bandai Namco Entertainment, where visitors can try out VR. It is emphasised that these VR instalments are experiences, not games, and in order to play them the visitors must put on eye masks to stop sweat – perhaps an extra precaution compared to the western world of VR demos.

As well as this Gundam experience, there are six others that are currently available to try out, incuding Train Meister, where users can control a virtual train in a realistic simulation, as well as experiences which lets users ski downhill, explore a haunted hospital, and the previously raved about experience where users must save a kitten from a suspended plank.

To try out Gundam VR: Daiba Assault, it will be in Tokyo and Odaiba on 26th August, and will cost 930 Banakoin, or 1,000 Yen, and it will be shown with the HTC Vive.

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