Oculus Rift Title Smashing the Battle Comes Out on Gear VR

    VRFocus has previously reviewed Smashing the Battle, developed by Studio HG, but this was back when it was supported by the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD). Now, this title has been released as a mobile virtual reality (VR) title for the Samsung Gear VR.

    Our review sums up the idea of Smashing the Battle pretty well: “Do you love pulverising robots big and small with outlandish weaponry? Female characters whose figures are instantly questionable in their proportions? Lots of upgrading options? Then Smashing the Battle is for you. The premise is simple: wade through loads of enemies racking up coins and points as you go in an all out brawl.”

    As described by the developer – yes, singular, as Studio HG is a one-man team: “Smashing the Battle is a hack and slash action game, in which you take control of two unique heroines to destroy an army of robots who have taken over the construction site. Squeeze between bullets, avoid hazards, take down swarms of enemies with powerful special attack!”

    There are 60 stages, as well as additional ones for “hardcore action fans”, however for the Gear VR version there won’t be a story mode – so if you were playing it for the story, as I imagine many have been, this might be a disappointment.

    Smashing the Battle is currently available for £7.99 (GBP) from the Oculus Store.

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