AOL Creates Studio For Live VR Online Streaming of Shows

    AOL isn’t new to the virtual reality (VR) scene after it acquired RYOT  which is now to be used in partnership with The Huffinton Post who share “editorial voice and content philosophy” in their VR creations. It has now come that AOL will be embracing VR moreso with a new studio adapting content from AOL Build to the capabilities of live online VR show streaming.

    The studio, which comes after a $4.4 billion USD investment in AOL last year, will be fully equipped with 360-degree video to deliver live VR experiences of a street-facing main stage and seating for a live audience by AOL, according to Variety. The implications of this development looms large in the mainstream adoption of VR as AOL reportedly creates five hours of live programming every day, and will soon even feature the likes of rapper Snoop Dogg in one of its many upcoming releases.

    There is much expected by AOL itself: “The studio reflects our commitment to creating immersive live experiences and creating a studio that will serve as a cultural destination, digitally, as well as within New York City,” Jimmy Maymann, executive Vice President and President of AOL Content and Consumer Brands, said in announcing the plans. “With its state-of-the-art technology and the creative team behind it, we’re connecting the physical and digital worlds for our consumer, much like the way we live our lives.”

    Livestreams of AOL Build are featured in a range of online locations as well as on Apple TV, Sony PlayStation, and Facebook Live, and so it can only be assumed that this will be incorporated in the VR ability.

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