An Introduction to Manus VR

    Today VRFocus welcomes a brand new regular guest feature. Bob Vlemmix, Public Relations Officer for Manus VR will be delivering a monthly recap on all things Manus VR, including their virtual reality (VR) motion-control device, the glove-based Manus Machina.

    This regular feature, entitled Not Really Here: Manus VR Talks, will be updated on the last Friday of every month. All the ins-and-outs of Bob’s work at Manus will be detailed, from progress with the hardware to the many events and showcases Manus VR attend.

    Without further ado, let’s hand things over to Bob:

    “Good evening everyone!

    Bob Vlemmix here from Manus VR. Bob who? For those who don’t know me, the name is Bob and I’m the Public Relations Officer for Manus VR.

    What does Manus VR do? We make gloves for Virtual Reality.
    What am I doing here? The nice people of VRFocus offered me a segment where I can share updates from our company and where I can share my opinion on VR related topics.
    How many times will I do this? Don’t worry, at the moment just once a month.

    Expect my first article soon!”

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