Facebook Launches Dynamic Streaming on Gear VR

    Back at Samsung’s Unpacked event, Berlin, last month, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg revealed a new virtual reality (VR) video streaming technology coming to the Gear VR: Dynamic Streaming. Today, Oculus VR has announced that this feature is now available to all editions of the Gear VR mobile head-mounted display (HMD), and have delivered the first content utilising the technology.

    Dynamic Streaming is a technology designed to aid the distribution of 360 degree video content. Showing only the pixels the viewer is looking at in the highest quality, Dynamic Streaming will scale down the rest of the viewable content to improve bandwidth demands and the speed at which streaming content can be transferred.

    A number of 360 degree videos are available to demonstrate the technology, listed in the ‘Facebook trending’ section. Highlighted is a rhino video shot on a GoPro.

    Dynamic Streaming is now available for all Gear VR owners without charge (though the video channel itself may in time offer premium content). VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on the Gear VR HMD and associated technologies.

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