AMD Partners With Chinese VR Platform 87870

    AMD is certainly spreading its wings and not letting boarders get in the way of its mission to become the top virtual reality (VR) graphics provider in the industry. It has come out that AMD has joint with China’s first user platform, 87870, and will join together.

    In the post by 87870, which needs to be translated from Chinese, it was outlined what this joint venture would mean: “Currently, the 87870 has the world’s largest library of VR applications, covering more than 80% ofvirtual reality users. The AMD -round layout in the field of VR is also impressive.AMD has been carried out with leading VR vendors, Premium as VR graphics hardware support gives users the ultimate experience with VR Ready, but also with many brands have established friendly relations, to work together to build a high-performance computer products.

    “Meanwhile, the AMD offers authoring tools Radeon graphics card and dual-core platform Liquid VR SDK for developers. Therefore, the cooperation can be described as strong joint.”

    There are three things outlined that will take place as a result of this, which has been roughly translated. The first is AMD’s full support for 87870, especially when it comes to promoting the brand at parties and events. Second, AMD will provide technical support in both graphics and hardware to improve content devlopment and media releases.

    Thirdly, there will be support of the work 87870 does in teaching VR, it seems, at the 10 colleges and universities they are involved with, including events and experience.

    It was also mentioned that this all happened on the Chinese equivalent of Valentine’s Day – Tanabata – with many implications of a loving bond between the two companies.

    This all said, it is still in early stages, and so none of this will happen until a final bond has been made.

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