ALLie 360 Degree Photo Sharing Via Facebook Announced

    We began the week, as always, with an example of 360 degree video in Life in 360°. Today with Kellogg’s & Team USA. But that’s not our only news relating to 360 degree video this morning. As virtual reality (VR) and the options it brings becomes more visible more and more social and video platforms look to provide support while more and more hardware creators look to provide the technology that both public and industry need to produce VR content.

    The latest of these announcements comes in the form of the ALLie 360 degree camera, the creators of whom have announced that it will be taking full advantage of Facebook’s new 360 degree photo support thanks to some on-board integration. Allowing owners to take, share and interact with 360-degree photos via the hardware.

    Billed by the creators as the world’s first 360-degree everyday use camera, ALLie has 24/7 viewing, recording, live streaming, still-capturing, social sharing and VR viewing capabilities. Sharing 360-degree photos taken on with a quick two-click process.

    “We’ve had so many users tell us about how the ALLie camera is helping them capture special moments with family and friends in a way never before possible,” ALLie’s President, Dmitry Kozko confirmed. “Now through this new integration with Facebook, people on Facebook can take and share photos in the most exciting way possible, save memorable moments forever, and even imagine themselves in the environment through VR.”

    You can find out more about ALLie at VRFocus will continue to bring you news about the developments in both the technology and the support for VR and AR devices.


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