A Guide to the Best Accessories for PlayStation VR

    Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) PlayStation VR is approaching launch rapidly, and as such there will be many gamers out there desperate to ensure that they have everything they need in time for day one. It’s commonly known that the PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD) will make use of the existing PlayStation 4 console – as well as the forthcoming PlayStation Neo – as its base computational platform, but that’s not where the story ends.

    While owning a PlayStation 4 console is a given, the PlayStation 4 Camera is also required. PlayStation VR is compatible with the DualShock 4 controller that comes bundled with the PlayStation 4, so do you really need to purchase PlayStation Move as well? And are the speakers on your television actually going to immerse you when the sound won’t be changing direction, even though your head is?

    In addition to the basics, there’s also the matter of personal preference in your choice of videogame. If racing or driving experiences are your thing will the PlayStation VR actually improve the immersion without a high quality steering wheel? Or a racing seat? How about jumping straight into that free-to-play War Thunder, which developer Gaijin Entertainment has already confirmed will be PlayStation VR compatible; for this, you’re sure to need a flight stick.

    In favour of keeping the virtual reality (VR) community informed, VRFocus has analysed a selection of both the essential and the most impressive optional accessories for the forthcoming PlayStation VR and provided this guide for handy reference. At the links below you’ll find all the necessary details for the basic equipment needs and those which might take your fancy in time or beyond launch.

    Of course, on top of all this there’s choosing the right launch titles for the PlayStation VR, but as the launch date remains some months away – 13th October 2016 – we’ve still got plenty of time to look into that before early adopters will need to get their pre-orders in place! As ever, VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on the PlayStation VR HMD, its software catalogue and future accessories.

    Essential Accessories for PlayStation VR
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