YouVisit Unveils Higher Resolution for VR Experiences

    While 360-degree virtual reality (VR) experiences can immerse viewers, quite often the videos aren’t of the highest quality due to the requirements of VR and the power of current devices. Now YouVisit, one of the biggest VR content providers that originally began by offering virtual campus tours and then 360-degree content for real life locations, has unveiled a new algorithm that allows experiences to be viewed at almost five times the standard resolution.

    The algorithm aims to mimic natural human vision by maximizing the density of the data shown based on the direction the user is looking. Using this process should allow each experience to be powered at a higher resolution, and enable the content file to be smaller, thus requiring lower bandwidth and minimal download time.

    “Today’s standards are still surprisingly low when it comes to the quality of content we are providing to users,” said Taher Baderkhan, CTO of YouVisit in a statement. “When it comes to driving consumer adoption of VR, we need to not only be focusing on drawing users in for a one-time experience, but helping them to find reasons to come back daily. With the integration of a higher standard of resolution, we are encouraging easier access to content and more dynamic experiences each time a user puts on a headset.”

    The idea sounds very similar to foveated rendering which is a method of relieving some of the demands of VR processing by rendering the full resolution of an image only in the specific area that a player is looking at. The difference between the two being that foveated rendering tends to be employed with eye-tracking technology.

    YouVisit is currently beta testing the algorithm and plans to release it to consumers in Q2 2016. VRFocus will continue its coverage of YouVisit, reporting back with its latest announcements.


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