You are all RAMARCABLE! (VR180 10k Sub BTS Q&A)

WATCH THIS IN YOUTUBE VR ON YOUR OCULUS GO! Massive thank you to everyone who has subscribed to my channel over the last 12 months, I am over the moon with how it’s gone so far. The support from everyone has been amazing, the comments and engagement from you guys has been incredible. Thank you all!

This is a VR180 video of my corner, see the area I film in, it’s just a corner of my living room and may surprise some people. I also answer some questions you’ve had for me as well. Thank you again!

Here are links to my set up (affiliate links where possible which help the channel and don’t cost you any extra):

Insta360 EVO (the camera this is filmed on, free invisible selfie stick with this link):

Insta360 One X (the camera I film my tiny planet videos with, free invisible selfie stick with this link):

Insta360 Pro 2 (the professional camera I use, shoots in 8k 3d 360, free battery and charger with this link):

Sony AX53: UK US

VR Tripod Base: UK US

VR pole: UK US

Keyboard: UK US

Mouse: UK US

Backlight: UK US

Neewer main light: UK (but unavailable) US Unavailable (dis-continued?). Here’s my video review

Clip on microphone I use in VR180 videos:

Let me know if there are any other items you want me to link to.

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