World War Toons Gets New Trailer, Coming to PSX With New Content

    The 2015 PlayStation Experience is right around the corner, taking place on 5th – 6th December in San Francisco, California. Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) is expected to make plenty of new announcements at the show, hopefully including some for its upcoming virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD), PlayStation VR. A handful of VR videogames have already been confirmed to be playable at the event including RIGS: Mechanized Combat League and Wayward Sky. Today, Reload Studios is adding its upcoming multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS), World War Toons, to that list.

    World War Toons will be on the PlayStation Experience show floor with brand new content on show. This includes a previously unseen level and a new playable character. Keeping in line with the title’s tongue-in-cheek tone, the new level is named Dread Zepplin and sees players fight for control of an airborne battleship. The King of the Hill-esque battle will have both the Axis and Allies sides trying to claim a primary cannon that can then be used to shoot down enemy ships. The first team to destroy all three of their opponent’s ships wins.

    Elsewhere, players will be able to take control of the Sniper class for the first time. This class will play out pretty much as any shooter fan would expect, though aiming through a scope will intriguingly cause enemy heads to appear inflated, allowing players to easily take aim.

    That’s far from all Reload Studios has to share, however, as a new trailer for World War Toons has also been released today, and can be seen below. It’s not a conventional clip to say the least, featuring the title’s colourful cast of characters singing along in a musical.

    “We’re thrilled to unveil this brand new World War Toons content for this year’s PlayStation Experience,” CEO James Chung said of today’s news. “We’ve been working hard on bringing something new for all of the attendees and are excited to show it off utilizing the PlayStation VR.” The title is also expected to arrive on PC with support for the Oculus Rift, through a release date for either version is yet to be set.

    VRFocus itself will be at PlayStation Experience this weekend to bring you the latest updates on the kit and its compatible titles.


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