Winner Revealed for Microsoft’s HoloLens App Competition

    Microsoft has been promoting its mixed reality (MR) headset, HoloLens over the last few months with new concept videos, like the recently released one for the NFL and an app competition. The app competition launched in December for the public to submit software ideas and concluded in early January. Three finalists were chosen and put to a public vote. The overall winner has now been decided.

    Out of the thousands of ideas entered, Airquarium, Grab the Idol and Galaxy Explorer were the three that made it through. Out of those the eventual winner was Galaxy Explorer with a total f 58 per cent of the votes. The app aims to give users the ability to wander the Milky Way and learn about our galaxy. Navigating through the stars and landing on the myriad of planets that are out there.

    Galaxy Explorer will now be developed by Microsoft’s experienced HoloLens team of designers, artists, and programmers. The winner will be part of weekly build reviews, Q&A sessions, and more, as they see their app come to life.

    Eleven core team members have already been announced on the projects update page including: Steve Hoogendyk – Animator; Alex Hogan – Technical Artist; Lena Pace – Software Test Engineer; Andy Zibits – Art Lead; Peter Carlson – Designer and more.

    The team are planning to have Galaxy Explorer ready to show at the Microsoft Build Developer Conference, which takes place from 30th March – 1st, April 2016. VRFocus will be following any further updates to the project as announcements are made.


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