Where to Buy the Galaxy Note7 Compatible Samsung Gear VR

    Samsung recently launched the Galaxy Note7 smartphone handset in North America, and along with it came a new revision of the Samsung Gear VR mobile headset. If you’ve not yet secured your Galaxy Note7 with a free Samsung Gear VR, you’ll want to be able to purchase the virtual reality (VR) device separately, and Samsung has teamed up with a number of retail partners to make exactly that possible.

    In concert with the Galaxy Note7 launch, the new edition of the Samsung Gear VR headset is compatible with many of the latest Galaxy phones, including Note7, Galaxy S7 and more. Samsung Gear VR allows users to explore VR anywhere, with a redesigned look in a blue-black colour and an expanded field-of-view. You can read more about the new design of the Samsung Gear VR in a hands-on feature from VRFocus.

    This new Samsung Gear VR is available now for $99.99 USD at Amazon.com, AT&T stores and www.att.com, Best Buy, Samsung.com, T-Mobile and Verizon. However, the VR accessories for Galaxy Note7 don’t simply begin and end with the Samsung Gear VR.

    The Galaxy Note7 pairs perfectly with the Gear 360: Samsung’s high-resolution 360-degree camera. Gear 360 lets users create high resolution (3840 X 1920), 360-degree images and videos while on the go using software built into all the latest Galaxy smartphones. Users can share their content directly to social networks or Samsung VR the company’s premium VR service. Gear 360 is available via Amazon.com for $349.99.

    Where to Buy the Galaxy Note7 Compatible Samsung Gear VR

    The Samsung Gear VR is one of the most popular mobile VR solutions currently available. It should be noted that some videogame experiences require an additional input device, for which VRFocus has prepared a guide to the best bluetooth controllers for Samsung Gear VR.