Watch the Miles Fly By in VR with the Sleepy Eyse Camera

    Sat in the back seat of a car looking out of the window can be a boring affair, but pair a smartphone, a mobile virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) and the Sleepy Eyse camera together, and you’ll get an immersive look at the road ahead.

    The Sleepy Eyse is a new biologically modelled safety camera from Vairdo Inc. Its main designed functionality is to combat drunk and dangerous driving among other features.

    Eyse Camera

    The device is a 3D camera that aims to keep drivers awake while driving; whether high on alcohol or exhibiting dangerous texting & driving habits, by monitoring them. It uses two sensors to monitor the face, eyes and driving style of the drivers to alert the passengers and the driver if the driving becomes dangerous.

    “Driver safety is one of the most aggravating problems that is taking lives by the millions each year in road accidents. Even if we can cut that down gradually by 10% each year to start with, it’s worth investing in. I have lost close friends in car accidents, so this technology comes from the heart and needs to be in all cars,” said Jayant Ratti, Ph.D. Sr. Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Engineer at Vairdo Inc.

    As an additional function, the camera with its duel lenses can be turned round to face the road and transmit a signal via WiFi to passengers in real-time. So thet if you’ve got a HMD handy you’ll be able to watch the road zip by in VR.

    “Virtual reality and real-time 3D technologies are unique innovations that allow people to share ordinary and extraordinary moments in an immersive way,” said Randall Foster – VP, Strategic Partnerships and Business Development at Vairdo. “Vairdo’s strength lies in designing and integrating electronics, sensors, telemetry and software. EYSE is one of many unique innovations under development in our labs.”

    Vairdo is currently running a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for the Sleepy Eyse device looking to raise $65,000 USD within the next 6 days. Currently the campaign has raised just over $51,000, with funding tiers to secure a camera starting from $99.

    As the campaign continues VRFocus will bring you the latest details.