Waltz of the Wizard Update Adds Experimental Two-Player Mode

    At the end of May Aldin Dynamics released its spell conjuring title Waltz of the Wizard for free on the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD). The title has received  a lot of positive feedback from the Steam community and recently the studio added further features.

    The first addition is a secret – not something you can’t know about – but a hidden teleportation scene that itself holds more surprises. While Aldin Dynamics doesn’t want to reveal too much about this addition the second feature is explained in much more detail.

    Called Troll Mode, it’s an experimental addition that allows a second player to join in, although not in VR. Using a mouse and keyboard player two  can fly through the environment, interact and shoot projectiles, and can be killed or captured by the VR player. If you’re wearing the headset then the other player will look like a floating skull.

    The developer goes on to explain how this new addition could work: “The feature can be used in a number of ways, enabling activities like playing hide and seek, engaging in shootouts or using it to show VR players interesting things to do. The gameplay mode can be activated by the VR player in the main menu, or alternatively activated by F1 on the keyboard without the VR player’s knowledge. This latter option is the reason for the humorous title “Troll Mode”, since it can be a very fun way to conclude a gameplay session when you’re showcasing VR to someone for the first time.”

    Worth noting is that because Troll Mode is still very early in development, activating it may cause performance issues. Waltz of the Wizard is the studios’ third VR title so far, with the previous two being Asunder: Earthbound and Twisted Realms. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Aldin Dynamics, reporting back with any further announcements.